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Pool School Results


Below are typical comments from students who have completed the two-day billiard training course at Cue U, and from new instructors who received their BCA recognition from the Cue U instructor program:


"Lots of unique material." - R.G., Texas
"Raised my confidence." - M.T., Georgia
"Invaluable information." - G.KP., Israel
"All I wanted and more." - L.R., California
"One instructor per student---fantastic!." - B.C., Tennessee
"This will make me a better Player." - R.B., Puerto Rico
"Looking forward to future classes." - K.Z., Wisconsin
"Having five instructors to four students was very helpful." - D.J., Michigan
"I wish I had done this years ago." - L.J., Bermuda
"Great teachers!" - L.Z., China
"Very good to work with more than one instructor on each subject." - S.L., Michigan
"You are making my dream come true." - R.C., Mexico City
"Interesting viewing the old tables and getting a feel for billiard history." - K.B., Wisconsin
"Exceeded my expectations." - J.S., Missouri
"Exceptional learning experience." - W.Z., Connecticut
"The instructors set a very high standard and hold themselves to it." - R.P., Indiana
"Far more than I expected!" - H.C., Massachusetts
"Much more than I expected!" - D.M., Switzerland
"Great class. Learned a lot." - E.S., California
"Fantastic!" E.M., Virginia
"Great experience!" G.S., Mississippi


"Best academic billiards experience I have ever witnessed!"K.H., Virginia
"High tech all the way." R.P., Massachusetts
"Can't wait to come back." J.G., Iowa
"What an experience!"- P.C., Oregon
"Far exceeded my expectations." - W.D. Illinois
"The program is great, very exciting!" - S.C., Michigan
"Excellent school. You get more than you pay for!" - B.D., Missouri
"I loved it! Awesome school." - J.D., Missouri
"Really pleased with the results." - B.K., Ohio
"Very well done! I'd recommend it to anyone." - T.T., Illinois

Major Credit Cards Accepted

*Most Major Credit Cards Accepted